Gyömrő Lake Beach


When Aurél Gyömrőy in 1893 built a steam mill and brick factory on the site of present-day lake nobody would have even thought that in the 1920s the erupting water alter the place of once famous brick factory to be a bath with an unique environment.

The construction of the spa is the merit of Dr. Dezső Okolcsányi-Kuthy pulmonologist, climatologists, the former founder of the Budakeszi sanatorium of pulmology. The professor started to work on the examination of lake’s water and the environment.

During water quality examination it was stated that the water contains radium, magnesium, ammonium and nitric material which are appropriate for nervous, anemic, anorexic patients, and to alleviate rheumatic complaints, the lake environment is a good climate for pulmonic.

After the demolition of a former brick factory men’s and women’s cabanas were built from the old bricks, a brick parapet was made in bastion-like design with iron railings to support the crumbling embankment.

Even today we can look down from this point to the lake and we can recognize the marks of the steam brick company of Gyömrő in the walls of the bastion-like parapet faithfully preserved during the renovation.

50 m swimming and a water polo spaces and a lifeguards pier was constructed in the water. Lifeguards service worked from the beginning on the lake area. According to the contemporary writings from season opening till closing of the season a young man trained in water rescue ensured the safety of the bathers. Sun-parlour, children’s play area, beer garden and in 1928 a “good and cheap” restaurant were built. In 1938 Lipót Trunetz opened a pastry shop on the shore of the lake. The lake’s popularity is shown that own railway station was also established under the name Gyömrő-Tófürdő in 1927. In 1935 Gyömrő Recreation Association was founded, for its initiative penny trains transferred guests on weekends. Between 1935-41 thanks to the penny trains, good air, nice restaurants and beaches the town population increased with 3000 people for the summers.

The II World War broke this development. Guest kept away, buildings deteriorated on the beach and the country-side maintenance missed. The socialist era considered the bath, the bath culture as gentry’s mischief so in the 70s the bathing was already prohibited here, and for the regime transition era the once good named lake and the environment ran wild, the lake got swampy.

The bath has a very rich history, but the most significant changes took place in the last eight years.

Our website is for those who have moved to our city after renovation or since visited the spa and for the genuine Gyömrő inhabitants who followed the lake’s transformation and development since childhood. The photo gallery provides details of the renovation process. It is exciting to watch the process and from what a state it was formed out the lake of today. Moreover our aim is to give up-to-date information. Everything that happens at the spa appears on our website with live view. Via cameras we get info’s about the attendance of the spa, about the water/air temperature. Due to the special climatic circumstances of the lake it might differ from the surrounding country side values. The lake is the deepest point of Gyömrő encircled by 100 ha woody park, so it is windless and hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter time.