General Information

Reservation: All hotel bookings must be confirmed in writing, to which our hotel also sends a written confirmation.


A 50% advance payment of the invoice is a prerequisite for booking a room. The confirmation will take effect if the requested deposit or credit card guarantee has been received by the date specified in the confirmation.
In case of booking a package, 100% of the price of the package must be paid after the date agreed with the Recipient

Check In:

From 2:00 pm

Check Out:

Until 11:00 AM

Cancellation Policy:

Individual booking

All individual bookings can be canceled free of charge until 8:00 local time the day before your arrival. Late check-in or no-show: daily rate for all rooms booked. Cancellation policies vary according to the length of stay and the care you choose.

Group reservation

Group bookings can be canceled within 14 days of booking. We will not be able to refund the amount in the subsequent period.

Event cancellation policy

Free cancellation deadline 7 business days prior to the event.
We are unable to accept any changes to the number of meals 24 hours prior to the start of the event;
The customer can only cancel any order in writing.
If the customer cancels the order for the event after the deadline, the customer undertakes to pay the penalty as follows:

  • if canceled between 10 and 7 working days prior to the event, pay 50% of the pre-calculated sum of the event.
  • if canceled within 7 working days before the event, 100% of the event is calculated in advance

Package cancellation policy

In case of booking a package the package cannot be canceled, it can be moved to another time within 6 months from the reservation. Please indicate your request for change 7 days before arrival.

Other informative information:

  • If you wish to use your own technical equipment, the hotel is not responsible for the operation of the technical equipment. The customer may connect his own electrical equipment to the hotel network only with the approval of the Hotel. The cost of repairing a malfunction or damage caused by the use of such equipment shall be borne by the customer.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to keep imported exhibition or other personal items in all hotel rooms. The hotel assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage.
  • It is not allowed to import or place decorative materials and other objects without the consent of the hotel. It is forbidden to use any adhesive, furniture pins, nails, screws or the like to fasten the materials to the wall or ceiling. Deviations are only possible after prior consultation with the hotel staff.

Unexpected events:

In the case of an unexpected event (strike, traffic disruption or other emergency), if the event becomes impossible to hold, this Agreement may be terminated in writing by either party without any legal consequences.