Manage cookies

Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information (1) of Section 20 of the Act on the Rights of the Child, it is necessary to specify in the website data cookie data the following: a)
b) the circle of stakeholders,
(c) the purpose of the collection of data,
(d) the duration of the processing,
e) the person who is able to know the data; f) the description of the data rights of the data subject.
The fact of data handling, the scope of the managed data: unique identification number, dates, dates
Stakeholders: All the people visiting the web site.
The purpose of data management is to identify users and track visitors.
Data processing time, date of deletion of data: The duration of data processing in session cookies lasts until the site visits are completed.
Personal data manager able to access the data: Personal data can be handled by the data management staff, respecting these principles.
Understanding data management rights for affected people: You have the option to delete cookies from the Tools / Preferences menu of your browsers, usually under the Privacy menu item.
Legal Basis for Data Processing: No consent is required for the subject if the exclusive purpose of using the cookies is to provide the provider with the information that is required by the electronic communications network or by the subscriber or user to provide the information society service.

What is Cookie?

Almost every website uses cookie technology. A cookie is a small file that stores Internet settings. During a first visit to a website, your Internet browser downloads it. Once the website is recalled with the same device, the browser can check the cookie (including the website name) for the website and return the information stored in the cookie to the site. This makes the site recognize that you’ve been with this browser for a while now and in some cases changes the display content.

The benefits of cookies

Some cookies are extremely useful as you can improve the user experience when you visit a website that you have visited several times. If you use the same device and the same browser as before, cookies eg. remember your preferences, tell us how you use our websites, and display the content displayed according to your personal interest and needs. None of the cookies used on our site will collect any information that you could personally identify.

Manage and delete cookies

If you want to change how your browser uses cookies, e.g. block or delete the cookies of the Bagoly Inn’s website (or any other website of your choice), you can make these changes in the Internet settings.

In handling cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject any cookies or cookies. only accept certain types of cookies. You can also set it to ask each time a website wants to store a cookie. It’s also simple to delete cookies that your browser has stored on your computer.

The method of handling and deleting cookies is different, depending on what browser you are using. To find out how to implement them in a particular web browser, you can use the built-in help feature or visit http://www.aboutcookies.org, which explains step by step how to manage and delete cookies in the most popular browsers .